In our fully equipped fitness/dance studio you will find a range of classes designed to suit every need. Fitness classes are perfect if you prefer to exercise with other people or want to try something really different! They also offer excellent value for money and are great fun.


Core strength, toning and stability


Pilates training builds strength without excess bulk. This helps to create a sleek, toned body with lean muscle mass and a flat abdomen.  As a student of Pilates you will also improve your body awareness, posture, flexibility and core strength. By properly strengthening your core and supporting your spine you will also reduce your risk of back injuries and pain.

Our pilates classes are run by fully qualified Physiotherapists. Kathryn Kent from Cotswolds based Stow Physiotherapy Services is uniquely skilled to teach Pilates as her extensive understanding of biomechanics and movement, along with her experience in managing pain and injury means she understands how and why things can go wrong. She can also assess and discover which muscle systems are not working optimally in an individual and so provide exercises especially tailored for those requirements.

To help keep things as individual as possible, classes are kept to a maximum of 10 people. It may be necessary to assess you on a one-to one basis before you join, to allow us to supervise everyone and make the exercises specific. Although the exercises may seem gentle and you may not get ‘hot and sweaty’ but you will certainly work hard!

To book a place, please call the Physio clinic number, 01451 822660, or email For more information on Pilates with Stow Physiotherapy Services, please visit the website

So if you live in the Cotswolds and want to try Pilates, or if you are already experienced, get in touch - this is a fantastic class you will not be disappointed!


Balance Class

A class that will help keep you strong and walking steadily.  The exercises are underpinned by evidence and are based on the Falls Management Exercise (FaME) Programme, which has been shown to reduce falls and injuries.  Each week we work on balance and strength in a safe, fun and friendly environment. Suitable for people with low bone density. All abilities and all ages are welcome.  
£7 per class  *** first session is free ***

For more information on joining the balance group please contact Cally Maxwell at the gym.

High energy, high tempo calorie burners...


Boxing Circuits

This is a 45 minute, high intensity work out, with boxing drills, pad and bag work designed to improve fitness, burn fat and tone muscles whilst also releasing frustration.  For more information on boxing circuits please contact David Gainford on 07876468027
Every Thursday at 7:00pm

Kettlebell Circuits

Kettlebell circuits are guaranteed to torch fat and build lean muscles all in one class. Additional benefits of kettlebells include improved strength and conditioning, and improved cardio levels. We offer kettlebells ranging from 2kg to 20kg in weight so there is something for all ages and abilities. Our classes are challenging and fun. We guarantee that you will feel that burn!!

For more information on Kettlebells please contact David Gainford on 07876468027
Every Saturday at 8:00am



Class Timetable

Please note – times and availability of classes can on rare occasions vary – we advise phoning the gym to check for availability.

Monday 18.30 - 19.30pm
Stow Physiotherapy
Tuesday 9.30 - 10.30am Pilates
Stow Physiotherapy
Tuesday 17.30 - 18.30pm
Pilates David Gainford
9.30 – 10.30am Balance Group
Cally Maxwell
Thursday 19.00 - 19.45pm Boxing Circuits
David Gainford
9.30 – 10.30am Pilates Stow Physiotherapy
8.00 - 9.00am
David Gainford

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