Member of the month: Alistair McKnight

Alistair has asked us to share his story in the hope that it might inspire others to make a positive change in their life. A freak accident in 2008 left Alistair with a crushed leg, a crushed hand and fighting for his life. Amazingly, after having his left leg amputated, surgeons used Alistair’s own foot from his amputated leg to repair and rebuild his hand. Slow and steady rehab, a prosthetic leg and lots of determination helped him back to his feet. Strength and mobility are now essential for Alistair because as well as wanting to keep fit for himself, he is also primary carer for his disabled wife. He combines weight training three times a week with plenty of core stability and balance work. The gym and training have become an extremely important part of his life, and he is a real inspiration to us all here.