The Perfect Workout?

Is there any such thing as the perfect workout? I don’t believe there is no. Everyone has different goals, aims and abilities, so what works for you would not necessarily work for someone else. One thing I do know, and I have spoken about this before, is that for any workout to work, it has to have consistency. So if someone did ask me what the perfect workout is, my answer would be that it is the workout that enables you to consistently train week in week out giving your body the time it needs to adapt, change and progress.

Not a particularly helpful answer perhaps, but I can help you simplify things a bit. When something is over-complicated, it can seem unmanageable. When something is unmanageable, it is impossible to achieve consistency.

So, with no ‘perfect answer’ out there, I am going to show you what I believe is the perfect workout in terms of simplicity and potential results.¬†

It goes like this:

Our brains don’t have single muscles that move, they have groups of muscles that move together to form a movement pattern. As humans we have 5 of these basic movements:

  • Push (pressing away from you)
  • Pull (tugging towards you)
  • Hip Hinge (bending from the middle)
  • Knee Hinge (bending at the knee)
  • Plank (stabilizing your core)

The idea behind this training method is to pick an exercise for each movement pattern, and therefore work all the muscles in the body during each training session.¬†Every 4-6 weeks vary the exercises and vary the rep ranges to keep the body guessing, but stick with these components. You won’t go far wrong.

If you need some help with your exercise selection, please get in touch.