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‘Look for the opportunities and be creative’

Yesterday I got this lovely fun email which really sums up the quote above, and I thought I’d share it with you for some light-hearted Easter home exercises. Thank you Sue.

Keeping fit whilst living in a small market town

Warm up exercise; walk to the local supermarket or fruit/veg shop.

Weight lifting: Carry your heavy bags of fruit & vegetables one in each hand, walking the long way home.

Steps: Place the bags on the side of the road. Walk/run up & down that short flight of steps to your house, at least ten times. Wave manically to any passers-by (the waving counts as an arms up / down exercise).

Pause to do leg stretches – this will impress the passers-by & neighbours, especially if you are dressed in your gym gear.

Weight lifting: Pick up your shopping, using the correct technique as taught by your trainer, and enter the house, going straight through to the back garden.

Sit ups: Collapse in the garden chair in the back garden, still holding said bags of vegetables. Stand up/sit down 15 times, holding the bags, wondering if you have the energy to go into the kitchen to put the kettle on.

Put your shopping bags aside, go into the kitchen to pop that kettle on, fetch your rubber exercise bands and head back to the garden bench. Sit down/stand up 15 more times (the kettle should be ready by now…but you must wait a few more minutes). Put on your exercise bands and do sideways walks across the garden in a diagonal direction, to increase the distance. Advanced to carry the shopping during this exercise too.

Arm stretches – whilst doing your sideways walk, wave to the neighbours who are watching you from their windows. (Advanced – put shopping down before waving, pick it back up again, do the next new steps, and then repeat.)

Time to make that cup of tea so… pick up the shopping, walk round the perimeter of the garden at least four times before going into the kitchen to the hydration station. Go on, you deserve that cuppa!

A few minutes rest to re-hydrate. Enjoy that cuppa. 😊

Bend/stretch exercise: Bend down to the shopping bags that you had placed on the kitchen floor, and lift items out one at a time to unpack. More leg stretches.

Now it is time for your period of ‘allowed outdoor exercise’ …

Do a variety of lunge strides and knee lifts whilst walking up and down the lane, before going for a gentle stroll (advanced to do a brisk walk) round the block. Take advantage of each bench you go past as they can be used as exercise stations.

On return to your home, do your deep breathing exercises; zzzzzzzzzz!